Jenn and Bryce have been friends of mine for a long time and back in June I asked them if they'd be up for having some fun behind the camera with me. And they jumped at the opportunity. I asked them to find their best cocktail outfits, but that we weren't going to a fancy black tie event. We were going to the beach. And we were going to create some magic.

I always loved the juxtaposition of fancy clothes in such a laid back location. It makes me think of slowing down and thinking about the things and people that really matter to us.

I have to say, Jenn and Bryce absolutely slayed this shoot. We had such a good time! We went all over Sea Girt beach and even walked up to the bridge over wreck pond, which I've never done for a shoot before, but actually kind of LOVED. You can see the results below. Scroll for some beachy golden hour deliciousness.